Mental Health and Behavioral Counseling


Symmetry Care for Crisis Services, Chemical Dependency Services, Developmental Disabilities:

348 W Adams Burns Oregon, 97720, 541-573-8376.

SafeOregon tip line:


Telephone: 1-844-4-SAFE-OR (1-844-472-3367)

Text: 1-844-4-SAFE-OR (1-844-472-3367)


Recovery Resources:

  • FEMA for Kids

  • Ready Kids (

  • Red Cross – Masters of Disaster

  • PREPaRE School Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training Curriculum

Emergency Management Plan:

Positive School Climate: Prevention, Intervention, Threat Assessment, Response, and Training Strategies

Of utmost importance to the Crane School Districts is to provide students and staff with a positive school climate. The following list are concepts that are encouraged and built into every aspect of Crane School District’s Prevention, Intervention, Assessment, Response and Training Strategies:

  • Conflict resolution and anger management

  • Character building

  • Respect and tolerance of diversity

  • Impulse Control

  • Peer meditation

  • Gang and drug prevention/refusal skills

  • Stress management and reduction

  • Self-esteem development


  • Bullying Prevention: Bullying prevention and emotional growth messaging is weaved throughout academic and Social Emotional Learning instruction.

  • Positive School Climate

    • School counselors present lessons in classrooms and groups around topics such as: Social Emotional, anxiety, problem-solving, coping strategies, peer relations, grief/loss, divorce, etc.

    • Programs for new kids/mentoring

    • The Crane School Districts provide school-wide behavioral expectations, caring school climate programs, positive interventions and supports, counseling, social skill development, and conflict mediation

    • Crane School Districts promote compliance with school rules and encourages students to report potential problems to school officials and to resist peer pressure to act irresponsibly

Intervention Strategies

  • Intervention Strategies: Students have access to mental and behavioral health support as needed

  • All elementary classrooms participate in a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

      • Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms participate in Second Step Curriculum weekly. The curriculum is available to all teachers for all elementary grades to use as needed.

      • 2nd – 8th grade students participate in Classroom Champions curriculum weekly. The curriculum is available to all teachers for all elementary grades to use as needed.

    • Crane Elementary has a break/calm/sensory room, encouraging students to regulate emotions

    • Crane Union High School and middle school students can directly and more privately seek out or request counseling services through a google doc.

    • When students display risky or threatening behavior, staff will partner with local resources for threat assessment

    • Staff will participate in Wrap Around services for students in need of those services

    • Mental health staff partners with and makes referrals for additional psychological treatment as needed

  • Threat Assessment System

    • An immediate and systematic response through a threat assessment system is enacted when a youth poses a serious threat to commit violence to others

    • The Threat Assessment System is a collaboration between the school and law enforcement, public mental health and/or, the judiciary or juvenile corrections to promote safe school environments.

    • The objective of the threat assessment team is:

      • Identify and assess threats of potentially harmful or lethal behavior and determine the level of concern and action required

      • Organize resources and strategies to manage situations involving students that pose threats to others students, staff and/or the community

      • Maintain a sense of psychological safety among our students, teachers, and parents, thus fostering a learning environment that allows for teaching and learning that is free of the distraction caused by fear

  • Response

    • During an emergency we will secure your students and our staff using our emergency protocols

    • In case of a Lockdown, fire or evacuation a district representative will send you a text alert after staff and students have been secured

    • The school will email you or call you with an update as soon as is reasonable and the situation has been stabilized

    • In the event of a crisis response, parents are asked to stay away from campus so that emergency responder access in not impeded and to wait for instructions from school and emergency personnel. These instructions may include information about how/where to reunite with our student(s)

    • See – section for more details of Lockdown protocols

  • Training

    • All staff receive following training annually:

      • Bullying: Recognition and Response

      • Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting

      • Dating Violence: Identification and Prevention

      • Homeless Students: Awareness and Understanding

      • Sexual Conduct: Staff-to-Student

      • Bloodborne Pathogens

      • Sexual Harassment: Staff to Staff

    • Staff who are also OSAA coaches or activity advisers receive additional training each year, which may include:

      • Concussion Awareness

      • CPR and First Aid

      • Steroid Awareness

      • Heat Exhaustion Awareness